Delighted to tell the world I have an agent now! Jenny Brown and I have been working on my debut non-fiction novel about the rural working class for a few months. Jenny is such a great agent and represents some of the authors I admire hugely, including Malachy Tallack, Chitra Ramaswamy and Esther Rutter.

I’ve been slogging away through some pretty unpleasant morning sickness (I’m pregnant with my third child) and the usual isolations due to the pandemic. But I’m getting there, thanks to the help and support from some excellent writers including the cohort at University of Glasgow MLitt and the wonderful Cal Flyn, whose book Islands of Abandonment is just superb.

I’ll be able to say more about the book when it’s finished but let’s just say it has a range of voices about living rurally including stories of cave raves, walking miles to the pub, adders in the kitchen and helicopter rescues.

Having an agent is by no means the end of the journey, I still have a long way to go, but, by goodness, am I glad to have Jenny alongside me now.

A friend (Lina Hayes) took some author photos for me in the Spring. Here’s a bit of a moody one for this post.


Big News

I am very excited to announce some news over the coming months but will be holding onto it for a little while yet…

For now I have been reading and writing, chairing online books events and reviewing live on air. And most of all, counting the days to warmer Spring when I can travel down to the Lakes and see my parents again.

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