About me

I’m a writer, audio producer and reviewer.

I read and research for BBC Radio 4 Readings office in Scotland, scoping out books for Book at Bedtime and Book of the Week.

I write for publications such as The List and The Skinny and Cumbria Life.

I produce audio for BBC Radio such as Out for the Weekend and Out of Doors and regularly take part in the Review section on BBC Radio Scotland’s The Afternoon Show.

My literary essays have been published in Channel, the Lockdown Anthology A Garden Among Fires, Elsewhere Journal and BBC Radio’s Out of Doors.

What People Say

“Rebecca is the perfect person to take your podcast to the next level. She has the skills and expertise you needed, and is thoughtful, proactive and passionate about the process. She transformed the For Books’ Sake podcast, creating a sense of structure and consistency, generating ideas and content for new segments that were relevant and exciting for our listeners, and giving useful, honest and informed input throughout. Definitely recommended!”

Jane Bradley, Founder and Director at For Books Sake

“Becka is an absolute pleasure to work with. We’ve collaborated with her on a couple of projects now and we couldn’t be more satisfied. She is extremely professional and well-prepared for every event and meeting we have. We have been working with Becka for over a year and hope to continue for a lot longer!”

Sally Pattle at Far from the Madding Crowd

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