Medicinal pancakes – Slovenia


This year’s pancake night is sponsored by Lemsip in a damp Scotland rather than Nutella crepes in a side street in Paris. But I’m still reminded of a couple of times when the humble pancake came to my rescue; as a cracking hangover cure in the beautiful, atmospheric city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. And as therapy to the dreaded Bali belly in Bali, Ubud.

The pancake in question in Ljubljana was a ‘twix’ pancake served with cream on a deep plate, folded neatly into a triangle, chocolate, biscuits and caramel enclosed inside, eaten as I perched on a high stool that over looked the pretty Ljubljanica River. Practically perfect. I was lucky enough to stumble across Cafe Romeo in a state a little bit worse for wear and oh, wasn’t I lucky. The classy cocktail cafe doesn’t just serve plain Nutella pancakes, or sprinkle on a bit of sugar on them, oh no. The menu boasts Snickers crepes, and Toblerone crepes. Swhwarzwald crepes with sour cheeries and cinnamon. Premurksa crepes with cream cheese, walnuts, poppy, apple, honey. All fabulous. Of course they also serve grilled sandwiches, soups and quesadillas. But the pancakes. Why would you eat anything else!? Sipping a cup of very decent coffee outside the cafe and watching the river flow past – there’s not many better ways to spend an afternoon in a city.

Of course, there is much more to Ljubljana than just the pancakes; the castle, the horse burgers, the converted prison which is now a youth hotel, bars still intact. But that’s all for another day.

And the pancake as a cure for something a little less self inflicted? The thin crepe became my only sustenance for a few days in Bali after being struck down by a dodgy tummy. The ‘Jazz’ cafe, down a back street in Ubud, served plain pancakes with lemon on the side and played David Gray on repeat on the stereo. The perfect solution to the Bali Belly.

Maybe a pancake filled with one of my son’s Kinder eggs might work wonders for a blocked nose… Doubtful, but worth a try.


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